As an artist for the ever popular trading card game, Magic: the Gathering, we are sent proofs of our cards when the cards are released. While not every card designed for the game has great playability these cards are rare nonetheless.

Artist Proofs, also known as White Backs, do not have anything printed on the reverse side and are left the white of the paper stock. Card artists receive just 50 Artist Proofs, and as of late 2014 we receive 30 additional foil proofs.

Fans that collect these rare treats might just ask for the card to be signed. The artist proofs also offer the collector an opportunity for the artist to sketch or draw on the back making them very special.

If you play a lot of card games you want to protect your investments while playing. A playmat outlines your play space and cushions the area for you cards. Those are just the technical aspects of a playmat. Each playmat measures 14″x24″ and is about 1/16″ thick.

They also offer the ability to customize your play space with a beautiful image. Playmats are printed on neoprene and if you think they just resemble giant mouse pads you wouldn’t be wrong. I use playmats for my mouse pads in the studio. Either use is a fun addition to any gamer or work station.

Some trading card games make use of card tokens. Tokens represent an ability granted by another card and are visual representations of those abilities. Plus the added bonus of making your deck special.

I’ve created over 80 tokens for you to use. Many have open power/toughness boxes for you to fill in the stats you need. All have gorgeous art on them.

Also available, custom sketch tokens! Created with graphite or graphite with color. Be sure to add a few to your collection.